Bridge saw and machining center


The BravoCut system is composed of two heads: a 5-axis saw(1) and a 3-axis machining center(2). Each machine works independently with its own software. The integrated Xtouch software manages all the cutting processes of the 5-axis bridge saw: multiple linear cuts, perpendicular linear cuts, mitering, cut of kitchen/bath tops, calibration, decorative walls, shaping, inclined cuts, net and clean cuts, roughing, scraping, fan-shaped stairs, and much more. In the case of the 3-axis machining center, the integrated Galaxy Stone software manages the fabrication processes of bath and kitchen tops with profiling, inlaid / relief / engraved lettering using all certified Windows fonts, bas-reliefs, frames, 3D floors, and so on.

BravoCut BravoCut Plus
Overall dimensions 228,35 x 228,35 x H98,42 in 228,35 x 228,35 x H98,42 in
Working area X132,67 - Y118,11 - Z12,79 in X132,67 - Y118,11 - Z12,79 in
Compressed air Min. 7 bar Min. 7 bar
Power supply 400 V (3P+N+GND) 50/60 Hz 400 V (3P+N+GND) 50/60 Hz
Installed power 25 kW 25 kW
Spindle rotation speed 0 ÷ 9000 rpm(2) - 0 ÷ 4500(1) 0 ÷ 9000 rpm(2) - 0 ÷ 4500(1)
Spindle power 3,7 kW(2) - 11,8 kW(1) 5 kW(2) - 11,8 kW(1)
Tool magazine - 10 positions
Max working speed 1377,95 in/min 1377,95 in/min
Bridge passing 21,06 in - 39,37 in 21,06 in - 39,37 in
Water consumption 40 L/min 40 L/min
Drain boards
Inlaying works
Linear cuts
Inclined cuts
Curve cuts
Incremental cuts
Profiling shaping

BravoCut_5-axis bridge saw and machining center