The integrated system 4.0

The integrated system 4.0: ideal for the countertops fabrication, perfect for all kind of processes.

The integrated Seven-Cut system is the new frontier of Helios Automation's assisted robotics. The international patent Robo-Move system connects the 5-axis bridge saw Helios Cut 500 and the 8-axis machining center Helios Seven with double head. The Robo-Move system is a numeric control crane that operates within the two machines. It moves the already cut pieces thanks to independent suction cups in order to avoid the cutting intersections, it carries curved pieces, long and tight pieces and it unloads them without any intervention of the operator.


It can be considered a machine into the machine, a cutting edge technology with the following advantages:

1. Lower management costs of the production cycle.
2. Mass-production and no dead times.
3. Labor saving.
4. The highest quality and precision of the finished product.
5. Saving on tools duration.

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