CNC polishing machine


Helios Lux is the fastest and most efficient bridge polishing machine with automatic tool change among the stone market. It is a sturdy machine, which preserves its quality over the time, entirely built with stainless steel both in the structure and the fixing bolts. Thanks to the automatic tool changer, it is possible to polish and brush all types of materials (granite, onyx, quartz, etc.) without the manual intervention and with excellent results. The working head, developed by our engineers, guarantees a constant control of the pressure and allows to work also on not perfectly flat surfaces, thus saving the 50% on the use of abrasives. Helios Lux can process multiple slabs (also different for shape and thickness) on the working table during a unique polishing cycle, without blocking the machine or interrupting the process. The integrated X-Touch software and the Helios Photoscan system for the scanning and measurement of the slabs make a polishing cycle very easy, intuitive, and fast.

Stainless steel structure Thanks to the stainless steel, from the fixing bolts to the structure, Helios Lux is a sturdy machine, that preserves its quality over the time
Precision and reliability The use of recirculating ball screws makes the machine’s movements extremely precise, thus producing highly detailed works
Automatic tool change and tools magazine With the Helios Lux automatic tool change, it is possible to polish every material without the manual intervention. The tools magazine, with several abrasives, has got 10 positions and it is on the side part in order to reduce the overall dimensions, thus optimising the useful working area
Pressure control The working head developed by Helios Automazioni allows to have a constant control of the pressure, which results in a 50% saving on the abrasives
Xtouch software Helios Lux is managed by the Xtouch software, which allows to polish a wide range of materials automatically, thanks also to the interaction of the PhotoScan
Command consolle The command consolle includes everything needed to control the machine: the touch screen display, the mouse, the keyboard, the command buttons, and the joystick. It is possible to use the machine remotely thanks to the portable consolle.
Overall dimensions 212,60 x 127,95 x 96,46 in
Working area X129,92 - Y78,35 - Z12,80 in
X axis stroke 139,37 in
Y axis stroke 78,35 in
Z axis stroke 12,80 in
Motor power 7,5 kW
X axis speed movement 1377,95 in/min
Y axis speed movement 787,40 in/min
Z axis speed movement 590,55 in/min
Table dimensions 129,92 x 78,74 in
Spindle rotation speed 0 ÷ 2400 rpm
Installed power 10 kW
Power supply 400 Volt (3P + N + GND) 50/60 Hz
Tool changer Automatic
Tools magazine 10 positions
Tilting table with Easy-load system PhotoScan system
Calibrating Bush hammering
Bush hammering

COMBILUX _ Octagonal shapes polishing

COMBILUX _ Small surfaces polishing

COMBILUX _ Calibration / Polishing

LUX_Irregular slab leather finishing


LUX_CNC polishing machine

LUX_PhotoScan system - Easy-load

LUX_Bush Hammering