City of Light

City of Light by Marco Piva is a play between scales and volumes, simulating the architectural environment of hypothetical metropolis. The installation consists of 20 blocks of white polished marble, supported structures that uniformly disperse the light through the stone material. City of Light, which appears as a "heavy" element in the daylight, becomes gradually lighter as darkness approaches. Produced by our stone processing technologies.

Active partners for the realization of the workpiece:

Nicodemo Marmi SRL
Morrone Group Arreda SRL
Aceto Marmi SAS di Aceto Sante&C.
Progetto Marmi di Talamo

A thanksgiving to technical participants:

Tecnoporro di Andria
Ilpa Adesivi di Bari
Labor Vetro di Campobasso
Foresti Santino
Giuliano Rainone

City of light