5-axis Machining center and Bridge saw

Helios Five is an extremely precise 5-axis machining center and bridge saw (6 axes with the lathe), with automatic tool change and magazine, that can be extended according to specific needs. The possible set up make the machine suitable for the execution of important works, from roughing to finishing, with highly detailed results. The precision of the Helios Five allows achieving the greatest part of the stone processes possible, such as small and large sculptures and statues, kitchen tops with profiling and edge polishing, drain boards, and much more. This feature makes Helios Five unique in its category. As a bridge saw, the machine can work with disks with diameters of up to 725 mm. Thanks to its sturdy structure Helios Five can process all types of cuts with extreme precision (45° angled cuts, shaped cuts, arches cuts angled on both sides, etc…). Helios Five can have the Z stroke of 680, 1000, or 1200 mm and can be equipped with an interpolated external lathe, thus increasing the executable machining in the stone industry.

Stainless steel structure Thanks to the stainless steel structure, Helios Five is a sturdy machine, that preserves its quality over the time
Precision and reliability The use of recirculating ball screws and zero backlash gears makes the machine’s movements extremely precise, thus producing highly detailed works
High frequency inverter Thanks to the use of high frequency inverter, that provides only the necessary power for the mechanical efficiency, there are no wastes of energy, and the maximum energy saving is guaranteed
Security doors The security doors have got a manual sliding system with automatic machine stopping sensor in case of opening
Laser marker The device shows in advance the passage of the disk, indicating the correct position of the cut
Run-touch - Galaxy Stone software Helios Five is managed by the Run-touch and Galaxy Stone software, that allow to use the machine like a bridge saw or a machining center
Photoscan system The Photoscan system, with the integrated Run-touch software, is the exclusive device that makes the cutting process very easy. The Photoscan is the scanning system of the slabs, as well as measurement device and template reader. Combined to the Helios bridge saws, It takes one picture of the slab and the cutting process can start easily without any further measurement. Among the other features, Helios PhotoScan can detect the position of a template on the slab and in a few simple steps, the cutting process can start
Aluminium rectified table The aluminium rectified table guarantees the integrity of the table and a total resistance to the processes stress and to corrosion. The calibration, performed directly by the machining center, ensures the perfect flatness of the support surface. The rectified table and the separated slats offer the possibility to set the pieces easily
Tilting table The tilting table, with the Easy-load solution, ensures the loading of any type of slab with the minimal effort
Automatic tool change and tools magazine Helios Five with automatic tool change manages all the machining center functions. The magazine, containing several tools ensures the maximum versatility in the tools choice. Its capacity can be modified according to specific needs
Command consolle The command consolle includes everything you need to control the machine: the touch screen display, the mouse, the keyboard, the command buttons, and the joystick. It is possible to use the machine remotely thanks to the portable consolle
Five Five 1000 Five 1200
Overall dimensions 263,78 x (185,04/248,03) x 155,71 in 263,78 x (185,04/248,03) x 184,92 in 263,78 x (185,04/248,03) x 192,91 in
Area di lavoro X143,70 - Y88,58/153,54 - Z26,77 in X143,70 - Y88,58/153,54 - Z39,37 in X143,70 - Y88,58/153,54 - Z47,24 in
W axis rotation 0° ÷ 360° 0° ÷ 360° 0° ÷ 360°
A axis rotation 0° ÷ 90° 0° ÷ 90° 0° ÷ 90°
Power Spindle 15 kW 15 kW 15 kW
Spindle rotation speed 0 ÷ 7000 rpm 0 ÷ 7000 rpm 0 ÷ 7000 rpm
Tool holder cone ISO BT 40 ISO BT 40 ISO BT 40
Installed power 25 kW 25 kW 25 kW
Power supply 400 V (3P + N + GND) 50/60 Hz 400 V (3P + N + GND) 50/60 Hz 400 V (3P + N + GND) 50/60 Hz
Max. speed axis X 1181,10 in/min 1181,10 in/min 1181,10 in/min
Max. speed axis Y 1181,10 in/min 1181,10 in/min 1181,10 in/min
Max. speed axis Z 393,70 in/min 393,70 in/min 393,70 in/min
Table dimensions 118,11 x 78,74 in 118,11 x 78,74 in 118,11 x 78,74 in
Disk diameter min. 15,74 in - max. 285,4 in min. 15,74 in - max. 285,4 in min. 15,74 in - max. 285,4 in
Max. cutting depth 9,05 in (28,54 in disk) 9,05 in (28,54 in disk) 9,05 in (28,54 in disk)
Disk hole diameter 3,74 in 3,74 in 3,74 in
Electro spindle speed changer Automatic tool changer and tools store with 10 positions
Aluminium rectified table Tilting table with easy load system
Lathe Stainless steel structure for the lathe positioning behind the working table
Flatness control device Suction cups and vacuum pump kit with laser pointer for the suction cups setup
Explorer laser 3d for model detecting Presetting disk
Y extra travel Heavy carpentry lateral structure
Spring-loaded cone Sacred art equipment
Laser marker Virtual Stone Gallery