Expand our business by increasing our customer's potentialities

We want all our customers to feel competitive in the market by offering innovative solutions that can make easy, fast and secure their work.
High production standards, reliability and precision.

"... I am very happy to be in the Helios family. You are good, Helios.".

Aytas Mermer (TURKEY)

"Helios machine is very helpful in the results of the cut, both in precision or smoothness and speed in the cut results. the Helios machine really helped me in completing work".

PT. Prospek Manunggal Abadi (INDONESIA)

"Amazing machines, company and great staff who are extremely dedicated. Very forward thinking, nothing is a problem and their engineers were fantastic during the installation and the after service is their to back it up".

Sigma Stone (UK)

Who we are

Since 2001 our team has been working to make high stone processing technology accessible to everyone. Helios Automazioni is an open minded company, that day after day, develops innovation and renews itself, attracting new skills and enthusiasm, which make our company the reference of stone processing technology in Italy and all over the world.


What we do

We design and manufacture Cnc machining center and Software for the processing of stone, glass and plastics. We work close to artisans and industrialists to develop the products, which meet their needs in terms of quality and performance. We receive and analyze each request with the promise always to offer the most profitable solution.


Services and Warranty

Helios Automazioni can offer a 2 years integral warranty thanks to the use of high quality raw materials (from the structures up to the electrical and electronical components) and thanks to a rigorous control at any stage of the productive cycle. The historical cnc router Millennium 2002 or the machining center Zeus 3000 can boast the exclusive primacy of indestructibility, great products that maintain precision and their value over the time. The principal phases of design and realization of the machining centers, from the mechanical part, to the electronic and software part are managed in-house. This production autonomy affects positively both the post-sales service, prompt and accurate, and the extraordinary quality price ratio. An efficient remote assistance service guarantees a timely resolution of any anomalies.


Research and development

The research and development department is very active and sensitive to the needs of the stone fabricators, thus allowing the launch on the market of new products and high-tech solutions.
The symbol of this rich activity is the patented Robo-Move industrial invention, which is the unique system in the world that allows the complete automation of the cutting process, and the Air-Jet device that allows to decorate with the simple jet of sand.



Helios Automazioni has been cooperating for several years with universities and famous architects to test and produce 3d sculptures, stone workpieces, which go beyond the limit of the material machining thanks to the use of precision cnc machines of the latest generation.