3-axis Machining center

Helios Zeus is a monolithic 3-axis CNC machining center with a big working area, suitable for every workshop looking for versatility and precision. Thanks to the stainless steel sturdy structure, recirculating ball screws, and linear guides, it is the best product for the interior design sector (especially for the fabrication of kitchen and bath tops). The finished product is extremely thorough and it doesn’t need any extra hand work. The exclusive Galaxy Stone software, developed by Helios Automazioni’s engineers and running under Windows, guarantees an easy and fast automation of the process.

Monolithic stainless steel structure Thanks to the monolithic stainless steel structure, Helios Zeus is a sturdy machine, that preserves its quality over the time
Precision and reliability The use of recirculating ball screws makes the machine’s movements extremely precise, thus producing highly detailed works
Aluminium rectified table The aluminum rectified table guarantees the integrity of the table and a total resistance to the processes stress and to corrosion. The calibration, performed directly by the machining center, ensures the perfect flatness of the support surface
Automatic tool change and tools magazine Helios Zeus with automatic tool change manages all the machining center functions. The magazine, containing 12 positions, ensures the maximum versatility in the tools choice. Its capacity can be modified according to specific needs
Security doors The front security doors have got a manual sliding system with automatic machine check sensor in case of opening
Galaxy Stone software The Galaxy Stone software manages the 3-axis machining center Helios Zeus and allows to produce automatically bath and kitchen tops with profiling, inlaid / relief / engraved lettering using all certified Windows fonts, bas-reliefs, frames, 3D floors, and much more
Sacred art package The sacred art package includes all the applications necessary to process the typical works of the sacred art: inlaid / relief / engraved lettering, sculptural fonts, bas-relief, frames, drilling patterns for bronze letters, 3D floors, all certified Windows fonts, sacred images, and much more
Tops and drain boards equipment This customization allows to process kitchen and bathroom tops very quickly with an excellent product finishing, thanks to the integrated section of the software
Command consolle The command consolle includes everything needed to control the machine: the touch screen display, the mouse, the keyboard, the command buttons, and the joystick.
Overall dimensions 212,59 x 137,79 x H98,42 in
Working area X131,10 - Y78,74 - Z18,89 in
Power supply 400 V (3P+N+GND) 50/60 Hz
Installed power 16 kW
Spindle rotation speed 0 ÷ 90000 rpm
Tool holder ISO BT 40
Tool changer Automatic
Tool magazine 12 ÷ 24 positions
Max. speed axes 1181,10 in/min
Bridge passing 21,06 in
Template reader Explorer laser 3D for model detecting
Inclined draining boards device Laser pointer for the suction cups setup
Explorer 3000 - 3D model digitizer Flatness control device
Y extra travel Lathe
Additional tools magazine
Inlaying works
Drain boards
Decorative pieces
3D floors

Spot Zeus

ZEUS_Massive stone processing

ZEUS_Engraving and sculpturing

ZEUS_Kitchen top processing