Helios in the world

This is not our goal or a flag on the map, Helios in the world is the craftsmanship and technological excellence, which join together to create high-quality products and innovative solutions. A big family to the service of stone processing!

Marmi Della Mora, Italy

This is how new partnerships begin, with a handshake or words that gratify the whole production and sales process.

Flashback to TISE 2019 | Las Vegas

We met old friends and made new acquaintance for future cooperations. Thank you very much for visiting our booth at The International Surface Event

Tile, Marble And Granite Specialists Inc, USA

Joe Demick President at Tile, Marble And Granite Specialists Inc. explains his experience with the 5-axis bridge saw Helios Cut 500

Stadtsilhouette, Italy

40 Italian stone masters create the stone sculpture “Stadtsilhouette”, a design by the architect Max Dudler, made by Helios Automazioni technology

Atelier LM Stone, Belgium

"We are the new generation and we have decided to improve our business with a CNC machine. Among different brands, we have decided to choose Helios”

Rabat Marbles, Malta

Dex Carlos Zahra, production manager at Rabat Marbles, describes his experience with Helios Dea, equipped with PhotoScan, Robo-Move and Easy-load system