Focus on stainless steel CNC machines

One of the interesting debates surrounding CNC machines engineering today is the choice of the structure material.

This has caused both consumers and professionals to form various opinions regarding the maintenance, durability, design and cost of the products.

When comparing the durability of an iron structure with stainless steel, the essence of both becomes very important. While iron surfaces need an accurate and expensive maintenance to prevent structural failure, the stainless steel structures are strong, durable and easy clean-up; and this factor attracts many stone fabricators.

When considering a material for use in an area where liquids are abundant, damage is always a concern. No matter what cnc machine you are looking for, only stainless steel structures offer 100% protection from all of these problems. The main advantages of choosing Helios Automazioni cnc machines with entire stainless steel structure are:

Unlimited durability

Zero maintenance costs

Price conservation over the time