Integrated Linear Systems 4.0

ALL IN ONE MACHINE: from the slab to the finished countertop

What does it mean to go digital for a stone workshop? The Integrated System 4.0 is a fully automated equipment that changes the traditional concept of the stone workshop, thanks to the complete digitalization of the productive cycle. It is composed of two or more stainless steel machines that simultaneously interchange data each other in total safety and without any manual intervention from the fabricator. We recognize that not all shops are the same, and we have developed many different configurations, making this system very flexible and giving you the ability to configure the setup as you need.

What are some of the many advantages of the Integrated System compared to traditional single unit machines?

1. No manpower for the slab handling inside the system.
2. Low risk of broken pieces.
3. Real-time monitoring of the fabrication phases also by remote control.
4. The highest quality and precision of the finished product.
5. Saving on tools duration.
6. One single operator can manage the entire Integrated Linear System 4.0.