Marmomac 2017, the event



The great success of Marmomac

It ended successfully on Saturday, September 30, 2017, The Italian Stone Theater is the 52nd International Marble, Design and Technology Fair curated by Raffaello Galiotto and Vincenzo Pavan. In the afternoon session on Thursday, 28th in the Forum Hall1 area, it was presented the exhibition Territorio & Design by Raffaello Galiotto and Vincenzo Pavan, aimed at deepening the issues of lithic design and highlighting them peculiarities of materials from different territories.
Helios Automazioni in collaboration with Chroma Composites and Nicodemo Marmi has presented Ponte(m), designed by Matteo Borghi | Blumerandfriends realized in Fiorito di Apricena, exhibited inside the pavilion devoted to culture, education and the experimentation. Architect Matteo Borghi, in collaboration with Ferdinando Possemato, have told through the project as, the initial idea that has expressive power through the form, transformed into object of desire, the result of a courageous and continuous experimenting with the companies involved.

On Friday 29th in the same forum area was held the meeting on Young Stone Project, Litic Experiments at Italian Universities; the designers involved have told with enthusiasm the comparison and collaboration with the artisans 4.0 and the Helios CNC technologies. A work done in collaboration with the Department of Architecture of Pescara, with the scientific coordination of prof. Domenico Potenza and Arch. Mariangela Di Capua, for which Helios Automazioni has invited companies Aceto Marmi, Cannito Marmi, General Marmi, M&R di Masutti e Rusalen, Marmi Sacco, Puglisi Marmi, Parlante Alessandro, Progetto Marmi di Talamo Antonio to use the same Helios technologies for the realization of some prototypes, the result of the creative wisdom of designers: Giovanni Vaccarini, Simone Boldrin, Massimo Russo, Cibelli & Guadagno Architects and Enzo Ceglie. Materials used: Diocleziano Stone, Biancone by Apricena, Lava Stone, Carrara Marble and, Fiorito by Apricena; were provided respectively by: Craglia Group Tolentino (MC), Felice Chirò Industria Marmi_Apricena (FG), Puglisi Marmi_ Pedara (CT), Marmi Sacco_Capaccio (SA), Progetto Marmi di Talamo Antonio. The prototypes, exhibited in the outside area of ​​The Italian Stone Theater, represent the various declarations of expression on the theme, Stones and Garden, where Man and Nature are meet in the design and its various articulations.

Really many appreciations, positive feedbacks and contributions from satisfaction during meetings in Hall1 and presentations of the objects set up inside and outside, in the space dedicated to the experiments of Italian universities. Testimonies of a success went far beyond the expectations we hoped to have and, we have completed the activities of the Fair, we feel that we share with you all that you have directly and effectively contributed to the quality of the overall result.