Marmomac 2017

27-30 September | Hall 3 - Stand A47/A59 - B60/B72 | Verona, Italy


The Digital lab by Helios Automazioni

As a result of an intense research and development action, the Helios Automazioni booth will be the showcase of the latest generation stone workshop, the ideal place to make the craftsman's potential thrive, where the most advanced technologies at the service of productivity and safety join together to improve the business curve trend of the stone fabricators.

Technologies on exhibition

The integrated system 4.0: ideal for the countertops fabrication, perfect for all kind of processes.

The integrated Seven-Cut system is the new frontier of Helios Automation's assisted robotics. The international patent Robo-Move system connects the 5-axis bridge saw Helios Cut 500 and the 8-axis machining center Helios Seven with double head. The Robo-Move system is a numeric control crane that operates within the two machines. It moves the already cut pieces thanks to independent suction cups in order to avoid the cutting intersections, it carries curved pieces, long and tight pieces and it unloads them without any intervention of the operator. It can be considered a machine into the machine, a cutting edge technology with the following advantages:

1. Lower management costs of the production cycle.
2. Mass-production and no dead times.
3. Labor saving.
4. The highest quality and precision of the finished product.
5. Saving on tools duration.
6. Tax benefits thanks to the iper-amortization and industry 4.0.

The polishing machine that allows the maximum durability of the polishing pads

Helios Lux is a bed polisher and calibrating machine with automatic tool change, entirely built with stainless steel. It can polish and brush all types of materials (granite, onyx, quartz, etc.) without the manual intervention and with excellent results. The working head, developed by our engineers, allows to have a constant pressure control and to work also on not perfectly flat surfaces, thus saving the 50% on the use of the abrasives.

Cut and polish just a click away

Helios Photoscan is the scanning system of the slabs, as well as measuring system and template reader. Integrated to the bridge saws or polishing machines, it allows to start the process in a few simple steps without any other managing software.

The digital sculptor, as hand creates

Helios Star is the vertical machining center, which can manage all the 360° processes possible such as statues, capitals, columns, portals, as well as processes of milling, sculpturing, engraving, and writing. Moreover, thanks to the optional lathe, it is possible to make horizontal turning processes with disk and tool.

Laser make up artist

Photograb LS is the laser system, which has been developed to answer the several requests regarding etching and marking on all types of stones, ceramics, glass, wood, leather, etc... The flexibility of the laser system allows to achieve several jobs suitable to different application fields from sacred art to interior design. High definition processes at very low management costs.

3D sculptures without the manual finishing touch, the perfection of details

Evolution is a 3 interpolated axes CNC router with a whole monolithic stainless steel structure. It can manage processes of milling, sculpturing, engraving, and writing with a wide archive of images and fonts (engraved and in relief). Equipped with the automatic tool change, Evolution is the best quality-price cnc router among the stone processing machineries.

All the initiatives promoted by Helios Automazioni, in cooperation with the network of companies, is “The Italian Stone Theatre”, the Marmomac pavilion dedicated to the experimentation on materials and cnc machineries, celebrating the excellence of the Italian stone industry.

A must-see event, where it is possible to enjoy tech innovations in the stone processing sector and great installations, three-dimensional virtuosities made by the Galaxy Stone software and the latest generation of cnc machines: the Helios Automazioni "digital chisel".

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