Marmomac 2018, the event

The path to digital transformation – Sharing the Marmomac 2018 stone show

For over 18 years, Helios Automazioni srl has been designing, manufacturing, selling, and supporting solutions for the stone industry. With a complete range of equipment and software to process marble, granite, and synthetic materials, Helios Automazioni srl offers a cutting-edge technology to change the business strategies of the most demanding stone fabricators.

Over the years, there has been a great transformation in stone fabrication evolving into a fully digital fabrication shop. Some changes need to happen along the path to digital fabrication, and these steps are less daunting than one may think. It is a path that leads to alleviating labor shortage pains and increasing the general efficiency of the workshop. For the stone fabricator, this transformation will help to work smarter and safer.

CNC Technology & Marble Design

Helios Star_Vertical CNC machine


Change is inevitable. If the fabrication process is labor based, and it is impossible to change the labor, it is necessary to change the process. Stepping out of the manual process in order to move forward with the digital fabrication is the key to the future of the stone businesses.


designer: Giulio Iacchetti
companies: Fe.Ro Marmi (VR) | General Marmi (TV)
technologies: Helios Star - Helios Five

Seduta dell'infinito

designer: Massimo Russo
companies: Costas Michaelides LTD, Cyprus | Aceto Marmi di Aceto Sante (PE)
technology: Helios Five

Kitchen 4.0

company: Morrone Group Arreda (CH)
technology: Sistema Integrato 4.0