Technology and Helios customers mastery at Fuorisalone, Milan.

MARMO_2.0 Digital design evolution
At Superstudiopiù, Milan (via Tortona n.27) From the 12th to the 17th of April, 2016.

An exposition curated by the designer Raffaello Galiotto known for his research in the stone field, which marks an epochal turning point in marble working.

Pianta fiera marmo 2

Five very high level experimental marble works, designed with parametric software and exclusively made using numerical control machinery, to show that it is now possible to incite emotions through stone and reach unimaginable levels even without the direct touch of a human hand.
There is no lack of astonishment and poetry when faced with highly precise and complex, virtuous 3D works and, above all, the recovery and reduction in waste, one of the main aims of the initiative.

Lavorazione Glomus su pietra

Design: Raffaello Galiotto Type of marble: bronzetto chiaro di Apricena

The cutting edge use of technology - which can be considered a kind of digital scalpel - opens up new doors and marks a turning point compared to thousands of years of marble working tradition.
An exposition comprising marble objects made by some top Italian companies, interesting explanatory videos of the production processes and extremely intuitive infographics allow even an untrained audience to understand and appreciate the revolutionary and experimental content of every design.

Lavorazione Glomus su pietra