Technology to prevent back pains

Do you know how much does stone fabrication affect your back pains? Too much! Preserving your health is the only way to work safe and be the most productive as possible. One CNC machine, one operator for mass production, very low manual intervention: Integrated system 4.0!

The Integrated System 4.0 is a fully automated equipment that changes the traditional concept of the stone workshop, thanks to the complete digitalization of the productive cycle.

It is composed of three stainless steel machines that simultaneously interchange data each other in total safety and without any manual intervention from the fabricator.

All in one system:
• 6-Axis bridge saw
• Patented system for the slabs handling: Robo-Move
• Machining center with two working heads (3+5 axes).


The bridge saw is a fast and performing 5 interpolated axes cutting machine. It has been conceived for high precision cutting processes on ceramics, quartzites, as well as on marbles and granites. The second retractable head (the 6th axis) uses a tool or a core drill for holes and for the finishing of the closed cuts. The main feature of the bridge saw is the mechanical precision, guaranteed by recirculating ball screws and zero backlash gears (Harmonic drive).


The patented Robo-Move system is a cnc handling girder that works independently inside the working area of the whole Integrated System 4.0. It moves the pieces of the cut slabs to avoid the intersection, interacts with the cutting head and moves the countertop to the table of the machining center for the final process of polishing and job conclusion.


The machining center is equipped with two heads: a 3-axis head with automatic tool change ISO 40 for drilling, lowering, milling, and drain-boards, the 5-axis head with automatic tool change H7 can check the pressure and it is ideal for all the processes of the edge polishing.


The Photoscan system, with the integrated Run-touch 1.0 software, digitizes and measures the slab. It manages the cutting processes with the macros, improves the arrangement and management of a slab warehouse (scraps included) and works as a template reader. Moreover, it has the Vein-Matching App for the complex layouts that need to follow the natural flow of the material.

Integrated System 4.0_From the cut to the profiling of porcelain and compact surfaces

Sistema Integrato 4.0

Integrated System 4.0_Processing of a quartz surface

Sistema Integrato 4.0

Integrated System 4.0_The new technologies for the glass industry

Sistema Integrato 4.0

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