Patent Robo-Move for the slabs handling

The Robo-Move System is an exclusive patent by Helios Automazioni, the first slab handling system in Italy and in the world. The ROBO-MOVE system allows the handling, the locking, and the unloading of the slabs within the working area of the machinery. It works in total autonomy and speed of execution; avoiding the manual intervention. As it is a computer numerical control system, it can work interconnected with the machine. Thanks to the two indipendent arms it is possible to move single slabs, shaped pieces, and countertop with sink cut out.

The main advantages of the patented Robo-Move system:

1. No manpower for the slab handling during the machining cycle.
2. Low risk of broken pieces due to slab transfer.
3. Optimization of the slabs because the Robo-Move moves the pieces avoiding cut intersection.

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