Stone 2019, Poznań - Poland

20-23 November 2019 | Hall 7 Booth 5

Come and visit us at Stone 2019, Poland.
Don’t miss the chance to experience live demos on the Combo Saw HELIOS Cut 500.


The bridge saw Helios Cut 500 with the second spindle can boast a superior accuracy and extremely low costs of management compared to the combined waterjet. The two heads interpolate each other, the cutting head stops when the carving tool is needed, that is a great advantage in terms of time, precision, and costs.

The routing head on the 5-axis bridge saw Helios Cut 500 is the great goal to make stone fabrication easier and more efficient. It has been developed for high precision cutting processes on ceramics, quartzite, compact surfaces, as well as marbles and granites.

Besides all the 5-axis cutting functions such as multiple linear cuts, perpendicular linear cuts, mitering, cut of kitchen/bath tops, calibration, decorative walls, shaping, inclined cuts, net and clean cuts, roughing, scraping, fan-shaped stairs, and much more; the second head for routing jobs offers effective solutions in all the processes, where it is needed, such as sinks cut out, corner cleaning ,etc.

Living in the digital age with technology at the forefront means also the small stone workshops must have the possibility to approach it. Not always the most expensive solution is the best for your profitability.

See you at Stone 2019, Poznan!