Sink cut out CNC

The carving solution for bettering your sawing capacity

The carving solution on the 5-axis bridge saw Helios Cut 500 is the great goal to make stone fabrication easier and more efficient. It has been developed for high precision cutting processes on ceramics, quartzites, as well as marbles and granites.
Besides all the 5-axis cutting functions such as multiple linear cuts, perpendicular linear cuts, mitering, cut of kitchen/bath tops, calibration, decorative walls, shaping, inclined cuts, net and clean cuts, roughing, scraping, fan-shaped stairs, and much more; the second head for carving jobs offers effective solutions in all the processes, where it is needed, such as sinks cut out.


The bridge saw Helios Cut 500 with the second motor can boast a superior accuracy and lower costs of management compared to the combined waterjet. The two heads interpolate each other, the cutting head stops when the carving tool is needed, that is a great advantage in terms of time, precision, and costs.
In terms of power, the cutting head (disk) runs at nearly 1400 RPM and the carving head max at 9000 RPM using only 3 kW. The whole process is set up before starting the machine, easily and fast with the integrated Xtouch software.


When deciding where to invest, it is important to understand how you would like your workshop to grow. Not always the most expensive solution is the best for your profitability!