Integrated Linear Systems 4.0

The new range of Integrated Linear Systems 4.0, full automation of the process

The Integrated Linear Systems 4.0 support the evolution of your stone workshop to the new frontiers of the so-called INDUSTRY 4.0. Helios Automazioni has been infusing all the knowledge of the Italian stone processing technologies into the Integrated Linear Systems 4.0.
• Stainless steel materials: when comparing the durability of an iron structure with stainless steel, the essence of both becomes very important. While iron surfaces need accurate and expensive maintenance to prevent structural failure, the stainless steel structures are strong, durable and easy clean-up; and this factor attracts many stone fabricators.
• Precision mechanics: the use of recirculating ball screws and zero backlash gears makes the machine’s movements extremely precise, thus producing highly detailed works. These components, minimizing the friction between their parts, are also very resistant to intense use.
• Helios Software: the CAD-CAM software, running under Windows, has been developed directly by our engineers, this guarantees prompt assistance to the customer, who has a unique reference in case of requests for mechanical or software assistance. Moreover, studying the needs of the stone fabricators, we have implemented the applications in order to meet the request of the most demanding operators. The software can import the most popular files formats (DXF, PLT, STL, ACW, ASC). This gives the customer the possibility to process files developed by architects and designers.
• Innovation: the international patent ROBO-MOVE SYSTEM. That is why the Integrated Linear Systems by Helios Automazioni are the new frontiers of stone processing technology. It is a fully automated equipment that changes the traditional concept of the stone fabrication thanks to the complete digitalization of the productive cycle.

These Systems have been conceived for easy integration in your production cycle. Our experience in mechanics and software allows us to find the most suitable solution for your company.

If you are in the process of buying a new saw or a machining center, please contact us, we would be more than glad to develop your own automated solution!