Turning with Helios Five machining center

Helios Five is an extremely precise 5-axis machining center and bridge saw (6 axis with the lathe), with automatic tool change and magazine.

The possible configurations make the machine suitable for the execution of important works, from roughing to finishing, with highly detailed results. The precision of the Helios Five allows to achieve the greatest part of the stone processes possible, such as small and large sculptures and statues, kitchen tops with profiling and edge polishing, drain boards, and much more.

The interpolated numeric controlled lathe allows the fabrication of 360° sculptured objects such as columns, balustrades, vases, statues, and so on. The maximum diameters of possible works depend on the machine version, which can be equipped with a structure that allows to put the lathe external to the table, leaving free space for new or more big works.

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