Sturdy structure, user-friendly software, and precise works

The mini machining center Helios Evolution is an innovative solution by Helios Automazioni for memorial building and tombstone fabrication on marble, granite, and other stone materials. The mini machining center Helios Evolution, with a bigger working area than the model Helios Evo, is a versatile and compact solution for memorial building, tombstone fabrication, and interior design stone elements. Its solid structure, combined with the advanced software and precision mechanics, makes it ideal for those fabricators looking for accurate and reliable results in different processes.

Possible machining

• Sacred art: memorial building, tombstone fabrication, and other stone elements.

• Marble and granite fabrication: cutting, profiling, milling, carving, and other types of processing on stone materials.

• Interior design: fabrication of furnishing elements, decorative details, and customized pieces on several materials.

Monolithic stainless steel structure The monolithic stainless steel structure ensures resistance to corrosion and durability over time.
Precision mechanics The mechanics is composed of screws and recirculating ball guides, which guarantee fluid movements and extreme precision in the processes.
Big working area The big working area (2200 mm * 1000 mm _ 86,61in * 39,37in) offers enough space to carry out several works on slabs of different sizes. The z-axis travel allows to process thicknesses of up to 200 mm _ 7.87 in, ensuring the necessary versatility for different applications. The bridge passing allows the machining of thicker slabs, maintaining high precision in the process.
Aluminium rectified table The aluminum rectified table guarantees the integrity of the table and a total resistance to the processes stress and to corrosion. The calibration, performed directly by the machining center, ensures the perfect flatness of the support surface.
Brushless motors The electronics is powered by brushless motors, which contribute to reliable performances, reducing the possible wear.
Water recirculation system The machine is equipped with a water recirculation system, essential to keep the working area clean and cool the tools during the processes.
Galaxy Stone software The integrated Galaxy Stone software offers an intuitive interface to program and control the processes.
Industry 4.0 certification The industry 4.0 certification underlines the up-to-date processes and the interconnection of the machine with the current technological context.
Full warranty The full 2-year warranty confirms the Helios commitment to product quality and reliability.
Evolution (standard version) Evolution (with automatic tool change version)
Overall dimensions 133,85 x 86,61 x H84,29 in 133,85 x 86,61 x H84,29 in
Working area X84,64 - Y39,37 - Z10,23 in X84,64 - Y39,37 - Z10,23 in
Power supply 400 V (3P + N + GND) 50/60 Hz 400 V (3P + N + GND) 50/60 Hz
Installed power 5 kW 6,5 kW
Spindle rotation speed 0 ÷ 12.000 rpm 0 ÷ 9000 rpm
Tool holder 1/2" Gas ISO BT 40
Tool change Manual Automatic (8 positions)
Max axis speed 590,55 in/min 590,55 in/min
Bridge passing 10,62 in 10,62 in
Flatness control device Template reader
Explorer laser 3D for model detecting Explorer 3000 - 3D model digitizer