CNC photo etching machine

The CNC photo etching machine Helios Photograb has been developed to answer the several request regarding etching on different materials like stone, marble, granite, glass, etc... The solid structure and the linear rails with recirculating ball bearing makes it very precise. The use of a replaceable diamond tool makes the machine suitable for the high definition reproduction of photographic images, drawings, and fonts. The versatility of this photo etching machine allows to achieve several machinings suitable for different application fields from sacred art to interior design. The small dimensions adapt this machines to every workshop.

Guaranteed resistance Thanks to the stainless steel coated structure, Helios Photograb is sturdy machine, that preserve it's quality over the time;
Precision and reliability The use of linear rails with recirculating ball bearing on Helios Photograb makes the machines’ movements extremely precise, thus producing highly detailed works. These components, minimizing the friction between their parts, are also very resistant to intense use;
High-quality electronics The electronic components of Helios Photograb have got CE certifications, important quality indicators;
Energy saving The photo etching machine Helios Photograb guarantee low consumptions and a remarkable energy saving;
Galaxy Stone software The Galaxy Stone software manages the CNC photo etching machine and allows to reproduce images and drawings on a wide range of materials;
Command consolle The machine has got a PC with integrated software, monitor LCD, a mouse, and a keyboard.
Photograb Photograb Plus
Overall dimensions 168,90 x 31,50 x H66,93 in 68,90 x 31,50 x H106,30 in
Working area 35,43 x 40,55 x H4,33/7,87 in 35,43 x 79,92 x H4,33/7,87 in
Installed power 800 W 800 W
Power supply 220 V 50/60 Hz 220 V 50/60 Hz
Working speed 118,11 in/min 118,11 in/min
Net weight 220,46 lb 330,69 lb
Pictures’ scratching
Decorative pieces

Spot Photograb

CNC machine for pictures' scratching

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