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The cnc edge polisher – cnc straight edge polisher and profiling machine Edge Lux by Helios Automazioni has a load-bearing stainless steel monolithic structure, which guarantees an extraordinary durability and resistance through time compared to traditional edge polishers in painted carpentry or in a galvanized structure, which are inevitably subjected to corrosion due to the use of abrasives containing acids.

Edge Lux is equipped with a diamond shaping wheel, installed on a variable speed electrospindle with inverter and six variable speed polishing pads, also with inverter. The use of inverters regulates the frequency and absorption of electrical energy. This means a reduction in energy consumption and greater efficiency.The lubrication system developed by Helios engineers ensures a constant and automatic refrigeration of the tools, thus avoiding manual adjustment of the water conveyance.

The CNC Edge Lux can work many profiles and particular shapes on marble, granite, natural stone, and porcelain, such as trapezoidal pieces or goose lip steps that cannot be made with roller edge polishers.


The integrated Galaxy Edge software is simple and intuitive, developed to simplify programming operations even for less experienced operators. The interface is immediate and allows to select many profile icons, which can be modified in the values of the radius or height of the edge parameters. By also choosing the type of material, the process is ready to be carried out. The numerical and material parameters can be saved to create a library of ready-to-use processes, which minimizes job programming and management times. This is a considerable advantage especially when dealing with natural materials, which don’t have fixed processing standards; in fact, the unlimited memory allows to save and preserve all the values of interest, which are an important archive for future processes.

The perfectly balanced mechanics ensures smooth and zero vibrations processing. This attention, typical of the Helios Automazioni products, allows to work on all types of materials, especially on porcelain which is subject to chipping or breakage in the traditional processes. The Edge Lux can carry out grinding works, single-head processing, and classic polishing. In the case of fine and delicate materials, the Edge Lux allows to work with the polished part upwards, thus avoiding the risk of scratches and other imperfections. In fact, thanks to the special flatness control sensor it is possible to detect variations in thickness, typical of the natural materials, and adapt the processing to the shape of the surface.

The bevels carried out by the Edge Lux represent the essence of the accuracy of the machine. Another important function of the flatness sensor is the detection of the beginning and end of the piece, for perfect entry and exit of the tool without leaving any unpolished parts. Edge Lux by Helios Automazioni has all the requirements for a 4.0 context.

Lasting sturdiness The structure of the Edge Lux is made entirely of stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance over the time.
No limits versatility With the Edge Lux, you can polish the edges of the kitchen countertops even after the sink cutouts and kitchen holes have been made. This versatility opens new possibilities for your workshop, you will be able to complete the cutting phases on the bridge saw and move on to the edge polisher.
Advanced flatness control Thanks to our special flatness control sensors, you can work with the polished part upwards, avoiding scratches and obtaining a perfect finish.
Total protection The mechanical parts and motors are totally protected from water contact, drastically reducing maintenance needs.
Balanced mechanics thanks to a perfectly balanced mechanics, the Edge Lux drastically reduces inertia, which translates into significant energy savings during the polishing operations.
Smart motor management All brushless motors and the electrospindle are managed by advanced inverters that provide only the necessary power. This means the machine uses energy efficiently, minimizing waste and operating costs.
Economic benefits energy saving is not only beneficial for the environment, but it also offers significant economic benefits. Furthermore, low operating costs allow to get the most value from the investment.
Maximum security We offer a full 2-year warranty because we believe in the quality of Edge Lux. You will work carefree and safe knowing you'll been having the maximum support.
Industry 4.0 The Edge Lux is a numerically controlled edge polisher and has all the features to be inserted in an Industry 4.0 context.
Edge Lux
Overall dimensions 261,41 x 91,33 x H66,92 in | 6640 x 2320 x H1700 mm
Installed power 12 kW
Power supply 3P 400 V+N 50 Hz
Minimum cable section 10 mmq
Water consumption 30 l/min
Air pressure 7 bar min