CNC Sandblaster

POWER is the first CNC sandblasting machine in the industry, which changes the process of the traditional sandblasting. Thanks to the numeric control and to the integrated Galaxy Stone Software, developed directly by Helios engineers, the process is completely automated. The CNC Sandblaster Power has a very wide application scope, not only for jobs on stone, marble, and granite, but also on other materials such as glass and porcelain.

Possible Applications

• Decorative sandblasting to create unique aesthetic effects.

• • Removal of paints and coatings.

• • Restoration and cleaning of surfaces.

Sturdy structure The structure of the machine is sturdy and resistant, ensuring stability during sandblasting operations.
Wide working area The large working area of 1000x1000mm offers enough space to sandblast workpieces of different sizes.
Precision mechanics Helios Power is equipped with precision mechanics, including ball screws and guides, to ensure smooth and precise movements of the work axis.
Brushless motors Brushless motors allow for accurate adjustments and reliable performance.
Integrated Galaxy Stone software The integrated Galaxy Stone software simplifies sandblasting programming, allowing you to obtain detailed and controlled results.
Industry 4.0 certification The machine is equipped with Industry 4.0 certification, allowing intelligent and advanced management of sandblasting processes.
Full warranty The full 2-year warranty is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
Power Power Plus Power Mega
Overall dimensions 78,74 x 66,93 x H66,93 in 78,74 x 106,29 x H66,93 in 102,36 x 145,66 x H66,93 in
X-axis stroke 39,37 in 39,37 in 118,11 in
Y-axis stroke 39,37 in 78,74 in 62,99 in
Z-axis stroke 7,87 in 7,87 in 7,87 in
Bridge passing 7,87 in 7,87 in 7,87 in
Operating pressure 2 - 5 bar 2 - 5 bar 2 - 5 bar
Air consumption 500 L/min 500 L/min 500 L/min
Installed power 5 kW 5 kW 5 kW
Abrasive nozzle diam. 0,03 - 0,19 in 0,03 - 0,19 in 0,03 - 0,19 in
Net Weight 661,39 lb 881,85 lb 1322,77 lb
Photograffiti device (only on Helios Power standard and Helios Power plus versions) Microsandblasting with Air-jet system
Tilting bench (only on Helios Power mega version)