CNC Sandblaster


Helios Power is an extraordinary monolithic CNC sandblaster, which changes the traditional sandblasting process, unique in its kind. Thanks to the numerical control and to the Galaxy Stone software, developed by the Helios engineers, the sandblasting process is completely automated. Helios Power has a very wide field of application, from the processing of stone, marble, and granite, to the processing of other materials such as glass and porcelain. Furthermore, thanks to the Air-Jet system it is possible to create decorations without the traditional vinyl mask.

Corrosion resistant structure Helios Power is entirely built with corrosion resistant materials, it has got a stainless steel and alluminium structure;
Sandblasting system Helios Power can manage independently and safely the sandblasting process, guaranteeing an excellent finished product. The doors and the nozzle external protection prevent the discharge of dust, damaging for the operator’s health and for the environment;
High-quality electronics The electronic components of Helios Power have got CE certifications, important quality indicators;
Galaxy Stone software The Galaxy Stone software manages the CNC sandblaster Helios Power and allows to reproduce images and vector drawings on a wide range of materials;
Command consolle The machine has got a PC with integrated software, monitor LCD, a mouse, and a keyboard, placed on the command console.
Power Power Plus Power Mega
Overall dimensions 78,74 x 66,93 x H66,93 in 78,74 x 106,30 x H66,93 in 102,36 x 145,67 x H66,93 in
X-axis stroke 39,37 in 39,37 in 62,99 in
Y-axis stroke 39,37 in 78,74 in 118,11 in
Z-axis stroke 7,87 in 7,87 in 7,87 in
Bridge passing 7,87 in 7,87 in 7,87 in
Operating pressure 2 - 5 bar 2 - 5 bar 2 - 5 bar
Air consumption 500 L/min 500 L/min 500 L/min
Installed power 2,2 kW 2,2 kW 2,2 kW
Abrasive nozzle diam. 0,04 - 0,20 in 0,04 - 0,20 in 0,04 - 0,20 in
Net Weight 661,39 lb 881,85 lb 1322,77 lb
Photo etching device (only on Helios Power standard and Helios Power plus version) Micro-sandblasting with Air-Jet system
Tilting table (only on Helios Power mega version)
Engraved lettering
Pictures’ scratching
Decorative pieces


Sandblasting on several materials