Galaxy Stone

Galaxy Stone is the Helios Automazioni CAD CAM Windows software. It is specific for marble, granite, natural stones processing industry and finds expression in all the Helios CNC machining centers.
The Galaxy Stone software offers many functions that allow to achieve all the typical works of the interior design and sacred art, obtaining excellent results on all kind of materials.


The Galaxy Stone is a complete 2D / 3D CAD software, which has been developed to simplify the daily work of the stone operators. It is possible to draw freely (lines, curves, etc.) or use guided drawings (bathroom and kitchen tops, etc.).


The software can import the most popular files formats (DXF, PLT, STL, ACW, ASC). This gives the customer the possibility to process files developed by architects and designers, thus improving the productivity of the workshop.


This function automatically generates the ISO file of the machining to be processed. No additional software is required for this operation.



The software provides a function that simulates the processing in 3D, giving the user the possibility to check if there are any errors in the drawing, before starting working on the material. The operator can accelerate or slow down the simulation to focus on some parts of the process. Moreover, the software indicates the time required for the work, so the user can evaluate the project in a more complete way.


The software allows to do photorealistic rendering of the machining. Thanks to the wide material library the customer can see a project preview before the machining.

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