Cut and create


The Run-Touch software has been developed by Helios Automazioni to optimize the performances of the bridge saws and of the polishing machines. The main purpose of the Run-Touch software is to simplify and improve the daily operations of the stone fabricators, offering an intuitive and productive experience. The Run-Touch software represents a tailor-made solution for the daily routine of the stone fabricator, it improves the job quality and the management of the orders. With a user-friendly approach and particular attention to the needs of this specific industry, the Run-Touch software makes the work easy and increases the efficiency of the overall process.


The Run-Touch software has been designed thinking to the common operations and daily actions of the final user. This software offers a simple and intuitive interface that does not require lengthy training sessions.


The purpose of the Run-Touch software is to improve the operators experience without turning their working routine upside-down. It is possible to perform several operations, increasing overall efficiency and reducing efforts, just a click away.


The software offers several applications that help to improve order management. This optimizes the use of material stockpile, reducing waste and improving overall productivity.


The Run-Touch software has been designed to adapt to the the different needs of the sawing and polishing industries. It handles a wide range of processes, guaranteeing the highest quality results in every context.


The Run-Touch software improves the productivity of the entire machining process thanks to its ease and to its advanced features.

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