Vertical Machining center


The machining centers from the Helios Star series are powerful and fast, they differ from the traditional anthropomorphic robots for their precision and reliability. The tower structure allows a vertical process of pieces from different size and big blocks, which are easily clamped on a turning table with slats. Helios Star can manage all the 360° processes possible such as statues, capitals, columns, portals, as well as processes of milling, sculpturing, engraving, and writing. Moreover, thanks to the optional lathe, it is possible to make horizontal turning processes with disk and tool. The integrated Helios Galaxy Stone software makes its use easy and fast, it is ideal for design, rendering, and creation of many machinings. It provides strategies to minimize the lead time and maximize the finishing quality, from the design to the manufacture of the product. The security doors guarantee a protected process for a total operator’s safety.

Stainless steel structure Thanks to the stainless steel structure the machining centers from the Helios Star series are sturdy machines, that preserve their quality over the time;
High-quality electronics The machining centers from the Helios Star series are equipped with high efficiency brushless motors. Thanks to the use of high frequency inverter, that provides only the necessary power for the mechanical efficiency, there are no wastes of energy, and the maximum energy saving is guaranteed;
Interpolated rotating table The interpolated rotating table has a carrying capacity of 1/65 ton;
Galaxy Stone software The Galaxy Stone software manages the 6-axis machining centers from the Helios Star series. It allows to achieve automatically all the processes of milling, cutting with disk, profiling, diminishing, polishing, sculpturing, engraving, and writing;
Command consolle The command consolle include everything needed to control the machine: the LCD display, the mouse, the keyboard, the command buttons, and the joystick.
Mini Star Star Maxi Star
Working area X39,37 - Y19,68 - Z39,37 in X78,74 - Y27,55 - Z59,05 in X98,42 - Y31,49 - Z98,42 in
A-axis 0° ÷ 135° 0° ÷ 135° 0° ÷ 135°
W-axis 0° ÷ ∞ 0° ÷ ∞ 0° ÷ ∞
Turning table capacity 1 ÷ 65 tons 1 ÷ 65 tons 1 ÷ 65 tons
Electrospindle 5Hp ½ gas (standard) - 7,5Hp ISO 40 (optional) 5Hp ½ gas (standard) - 7,5Hp ISO 40 (optional) 7,5Hp ISO 40
Lathe for horizontal machinings ø 11,81/23,62/39,37 in ø 11,81/23,62/39,37 in ø 11,81/23,62/39,37 in
Electrospindle 7,5Hp ISO 40 (standard on the Maxi Star version) Lathe for horizontal machinings (length 118,11 in with variable diameter 11,81 / 23,62 / 39,37 in optional)
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