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Helios Star is an advanced 5-axis vertical machining center, equipped with an interpolated turning table. It has been designed by Helios Automazioni for stone and porcelain fabrication and other interior design complex elements. Different sizes available. Helios Star can be customized according to specific needs and size of the workpieces, offering process versatility in works of art and design details. Helios Star represents an advanced solution for stone artwork fabrication and interior design elements, combining precision, flexibility, and versatility in a single machine.

Possible machining

• Stone artwork: Helios Star is ideal for stone artwork fabrication, thanks to precise detailing and high-quality finishes.

• Interior design elements: the machine processes complex pieces for interior design, offering accurate details and great aesthetic results.

• Creativity: the 5 interpolated axes and the turning table allows to create original work and entwined details with great versatility.

Sturdy structure Sturdy structure, recirculating ball screws, and Harmonic-Drive reducers, guarantee extreme precision of the axes movements, allowing the fabrication of complex machining with accurate details.
High-quality electronics Advanced electronics and EtherCAT technology offer very important advantages for remote assistance and programming, simplifying machine management and control.
Interpolated turning table The interpolated turning table adds great versatility, it allows to work on different parts of the block avoiding manual intervention on the piece.
Galaxy Stone software The integrated software offers intuitive and simple control of the machine, thus making programming and processes execution very easy.
Industry 4.0 certification The Industry 4.0 certification underlines the up-to-date technology, which allows advanced connectivity and integration into modern production lines.
Full warranty The full 2-year warranty confirms the Helios commitment to product quality and reliability.
Mini Star Star Maxi Star
Working area X39,37 - Y19,68 - Z39,37 in X78,74 - Y27,55 - Z59,05 in X98,42 - Y31,49 - Z98,42 in
A-axis 0° ÷ 135° 0° ÷ 135° 0° ÷ 135°
W-axis 0° ÷ ∞ 0° ÷ ∞ 0° ÷ ∞
Turning table capacity 1 ÷ 65 tons 1 ÷ 65 tons 1 ÷ 65 tons
Electrospindle 5Hp ½ gas (standard) - 7,5Hp ISO 40 (optional) 5Hp ½ gas (standard) - 7,5Hp ISO 40 (optional) 7,5Hp ISO 40
Electrospindle 7,5Hp ISO 40 (standard on the Maxi Star version) Lathe for horizontal machinings (length 118,11 in with variable diameter 11,81 / 23,62 / 39,37 in optional)
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