CUT 500

Cut 500 the only bridge saw entirely built in Stainless Steel in the world. No rust, everlasting performances of the machine.

The 5-axis CUT 500 cnc bridge saw is the top-of-the-line Helios Automazioni; ideal for marble, granite, porcelain, and sintered materials. Cut 500 has been designed for superior performance, reliability, and versatility. Choose this machine to achieve exceptional results in your stone and porcelain fabrication.

Possible machining

• Extreme precise cuts of slabs with different size and thickness.

• Fabrication of bath and kitchen countertops, coverings and decorative walls.

• Artistic works on stone and porcelain materials.



The Run-Touch software has been developed by Helios Automazioni to optimize the performances of the bridge saws and of the polishing machines. The main purpose of the Run-Touch software is to simplify and improve the daily operations of the stone fabricators, offering an intuitive and productive experience. The Run-Touch software represents a tailor-made solution for the daily routine of the stone fabricator, it improves the job quality and the management of the orders. With a user-friendly approach and particular attention to the needs of this specific industry, the Run-Touch software makes the work easy and increases the efficiency of the overall process.

Stainless steel structure The sturdy stainless-steel structure ensures stability and resistance to corrosion, preserving its qualities and performances over the time.
Stainless-steel working table The stainless-steel table ensures a stable, durable and perfect surface to work all materials on.
Big working area The machine can work different size pieces on 151,57 in x 94,48 in (Cut 500 XL).
Z-Axis stroke 18.89 in z-axis stroke allows 3D works with extremely accurate details.
Cutting versatility Cut 500 works with discs on marble, granite, quartz and ceramics, as well as with tools thanks to the second electro-spindle option.
Brushless motors The advanced electronics of the brushless motors ensure stable and reliable performances.
Precision mechanics Thanks to the recirculating ball screws and to the harmonic-drive gearboxes, the movements of the machine are fluid and precise.
Run-Touch software The intuitive Run-Touch software makes the use of the machine simple and programming accessible even to less skilled operators.
Full warranty The machine is covered by a 2-year full warranty, which makes you work carefree and safe.
Cut 500 Cut 500 XL
Overall dimensions 212,59 x 151,57 x H114,96in 232,28 x 151,57 x H114,96 in
Working area X131,88 - Y94,48 - Z13,38 in X151,57 - Y94,48 - Z13,38 in
W axis rotation 0° ÷ 360° 0° ÷ 360°
A axis rotation 45° ÷ 90° (optional 0° ÷ 90°) 45° ÷ 90° (optional 0° ÷ 90°)
Disc motor power 11,8 kW 11,8 kW
Disc motor rotation speed 0 ÷ 4500 rpm 0 ÷ 4500 rpm
Installed power 18 kW 18 kW
Power supply 400 V (3P + N + GND) 50/60 Hz 400 V (3P + N + GND) 50/60 Hz
Max. speed axis X 1181,10 in/min 1181,10 in/min
Max. speed axis Y 787,40 in/min 787,40 in/min
Max. speed axis Z 393,70 in/min 393,70 in/min
Table dimensions X129,92 - Y78,74 in X129,92 - Y78,74 in
Disk diameter min. 13,78 in - max. 19,68 in min. 13,78 in - max. 19,68 in
Max. cutting depth 5,12 in (19,68 in disk) 5,12 in (19,68 in disk)
Disk hole diameter 1,96 in 1,96 in
The tilting table allows the slabs to be loaded easily, without any effort. It is composed of a control unit and hydraulic piston.

The presetting device allows to measure the diameter and thickness of the disc automatically.

The Photoscan system by Helios Automazioni is an innovative solution designed to integrate the 5-axis Helios bridge saws. The Photoscan is an advanced camera that performs a very important function in the processing of marble slabs and other materials. This device allows the acquisition of high-definition images of the slabs, thus helping in the process of positioning of the drawings/templates and in the precise cutting.

The flatness control device produced by Helios Automazioni has been designed to integrate Helios CNC machines. This precision device scans the slab touching the surface before starting the process, detects the differences in thickness and adapts the process to the scanned surface. Ideal for high quality results on marble, granite, and many others.

The retractable electro-spindle is an accessory designed by Helios Automazioni to integrate the CNC Helios bridge saws. It allows to process those cuts that cannot be made with the disc (on slabs of marble, granite, and other materials), such as the sink cutouts, sharp corners, or parts of curved cuts with very tight radii. The retractable electro-spindle allows to cut with tools integrating all the processes with the blade of the Cut 500 bridge saw.

The patented Robo-Move system produced by Helios Automazioni has been designed to integrate Helios Automazioni 5-axis bridge saws and machining centres. The patented Robo-Move system works as a numerically controlled overhead crane within the working area of the machine. It works as a smart cutting assistant, handling the cut slab parts to prevent damage caused by the disk end, it also unloads the cut slab parts or transfers them from one machine to another in the Integrated Systems 4.0.